Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Delicious Drink

This last week has been extremely long and busy! Between hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, my car totally dying and my husband having some health issues I haven't had a second to breath. Thankfully things are starting to slow down and I have decided that tonight I was going to relax and have some me time. So now that my two guys are in bed I am going to sit down and catch up on all my favorite shows, thank you DVR, and have a nice big glass of my favorite wine. I was never a wine lover until I discovered the Nehalem Bay Winery http://www.nehalembaywinery.com/. Most of their wines are so fruity and taste like juice....spiked juice. I introduced my husband to their wines a couple years ago and he was automatically hooked so every winter we order a case of all our favorite flavors. My all time favorite is Pacific Plum and my husband's is American Niagra but we also love the Apple Jack, Peach, Pear and Coastal Cranberry.

Tonight I poured myself a yummy glass of the Peach wine. To keep my wine cold I threw in some frozen red grapes, they work great and unlike ice cubes they don't melt and water down my tasty treat. 

I just wanted to share my Nehalem Bay wine obsession and my grape cube trick with you all. Now I'm off to watch Hart Of Dixie (Wade.....mMmMm!) Have a great night.

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