Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beaded Safety Bracelet

I was out shopping the other day and was shocked at how busy the stores are already! The aisles were packed and all the checkout lines were never ending, it took me forever to run a couple errands (I think I should of started Christmas shopping in June!) With my son starting to be as independent as possible and him thinking its fun to run away from mommy to do his own thing I decided to make him an I.D. bracelet. It was easy and cheap to make and he thinks its fun to wear. I keep it in my purse and put it on him when we go anywhere where there are crowds e.g. the mall, the park, the store, the airport. Luckily my son has never gone missing, knock on wood, but its nice to know that if he does whoever finds him will know his name and know how to get a hold of me.

I used some small beads, a big bead in the shape of something my son loves (the elephant) and some elastic cord that I bought from Michaels. I engraved a dog tag with my sons name and my cell phone number on it at PetSmart. I just looped the cord through the holes in the dog tag then beaded each side of the cord. I put the elephant bead on one side of the cord, knotted the cord together, cut off the excess and slipped the elephant bead over the knot. 

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