Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Taste Of Twilight

I have a confession....I knew absolutely nothing about Twilight, the books or the movies, until one of my friends brought over Twilight and New Moon for our movie night about two and a half years ago. After watching both movies I was hooked! (I must of seriously been living under a rock because I don't know how I missed the Twilight bandwagon.) I ran out and bought all the books, which I read in just a few months...that is fast for me, watched Eclipse in the theater when they re released it on "Bella's birthday" and watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 a couple weeks after it came out...I was finally with it. And today, two days after it came out, I went and watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 with the friend that introduced me to Twilight two and a half years ago, fitting right?! All I can say is wow and oh my gosh, in my opinion it is the best Twilight movie out of all The Twilight Saga films. Like most Twilight fans I have become attached to all the characters so I am sad that its all over but I am so happy and excited by the way it ended. Leaving the theater was definitely bitter sweet.

Since Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the last Twilight movie I thought it would be appropriate and fun to have a little Twilight inspired pre movie get together.

Since each book cover is red, white and black I wanted to use those colors as my theme. I also wanted to take the cover art, the red apple, the white rose and the torn red ribbon, and use them as my decorations ( I didn't have a white or red chess piece so I figured the cover of the book would do.) I didn't want to put out to much figuring we would be getting things to munch on at the theater so all I served was red and white and black jelly beans, black and red licorice, red apple slices and of course red wine. 

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