Thursday, August 30, 2012

Various Uses For Vaseline

I always have a container of Vaseline in my bedside table drawer, I use the Vaseline with Shea Butter in it which I buy from The Dollar Tree. I use it for a couple different things:

  • I have always had extremely dry hands so every night I rub some Vaseline on them and really work it into my cuticles, it is a great moisturizer. When I wake up my hands are silky smooth, it works amazingly.
  • I also put Vaseline on my cuticles before I paint my nails so if I get any polish on my skin it doesn't stick.
  • Before I dye my hair I put Vaseline on my skin around my hair line so if I get dye on my skin it wont dye my face.
  • When I cant find my chap stick, my son has a habit of taking, hiding and destroying all my chap stick tubes, I just rub a little Vaseline on my lips and its instant relief.
  • If I feel really creative I like to make my own colored flavored lip gloss by mixing Kool-Aid and Vaseline together.
  • My son has some pretty bad Eczema which makes his skin super dry as it heals so I like to rub a bit of Vaseline on his dry Eczema and his dry skin disappears making him feel better right away.
I love Vaseline, it works so well for so many different things and it is beyond affordable.

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