Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tank To Tote

I LoVe bags, they are my guilty pleasure, so when I figured out how to make some myself I was hooked! Now on my almost weekly trip to Goowill I always look through the tank tops trying to find a cute tank that I can turn into a super cute tote. This is one of my most recent creations!

This is the tank I chose, I liked it because of its pockets

I flipped the tank inside out then aliened the seams

I then sewed the seams together, I did this a couple times to make it more secure since its a tote and I will be putting some heavy stuff in it. I don't want the bottom to pop open

I took off one of the straps and a button, the opposite button to the strap I removed, then buttoned the remaining strap to the remaining button

Here is the finished product!

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