Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simple Dried Strawberries

I love eating dried fruits as a healthy morning snack but they can be pretty expensive, so Ive decided to start drying them myself using my oven. There are lots of fruits that I was to try and dry but so far I have only done bananas and strawberries, you can see my dried banana recipe here.

All you need are ripe strawberries and some salt.

Cut off the stems of the strawberries then cut them in half.

Place a cooling rack on a baking sheet them place your halved strawberry pieces on the rack. Sprinkle a bit of salt over the strawberries. Place the pan in a 200 degree oven for 4 hours flipping the strawberries after 2 hours. They will be done when they are crisp and juice free.

And there you have it... simple, sweet, dried strawberries.

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