Saturday, June 7, 2014

Treat For Teacher

At the end of the school year last year I put on a fun Last Day Luau to help celebrate the beginning of the summer with our kids so this year I wanted to come up with an idea for the teachers in our kids lives. This was the fun, tasty treat idea that I came up with.

Confetti Cup Cake Batter
Vanilla Frosting
Cute Cup Cake Liners
Red Food Coloring
Green Jelly Beans 
Pretzel Sticks

 I mixed up and baked the cupcakes using the directions on the back of the box. While they were baking I put a bit of the vanilla frosting into a bowl then mixed in red food coloring until I got the color red that I wanted.

 After the cupcakes were cooled I covered them with the red frosting then stuck half a pretzel stick in the middle and a green leaf on the side of that. 
And there you have it some super cute apple cupcakes!

For a cute little cupcake holder I used some plastic tumbler cups and some red ribbon.

I carefully punched 2 holes on each side of each cup then I slid some of the red ribbon into the holes in half of the cups.

I placed a cupcake into the cup then slid the other end of each ribbon into the holes in the other cups then tied them making an adorable cup cake holder.

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