Saturday, June 21, 2014

Creative Watering Can

I love having potted flowers all around my house but I am the worst at watering them so they always end up dying which I am not proud of. I don't have a container that holds that much water so I have to make a million trips back and forth from the sink to the plant which gets tedious and I get bored so I give up...I'm so lazy! I have been wanting to get a large watering can but I haven't had the money, then I saw a picture on Pinterest that changed my life...or my plants life!

All I needed was an empty washed out milk jug, a thicker nail and a hammer.

And all I needed to do was hammer the nail into the cap of the milk jug to make a bunch of holes.

And voilĂ  a watering can made by using 3 things I had laying around my garage, my plants thank you Pinterest!

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