Saturday, April 12, 2014

DIY Sock Bun

Thanks to my ex being in the Military I've known about sock buns since before they started making the mesh bun ring and before the sock bun became a part of fashion. Its super simple to make a sock bun using one of your old socks so save your money and follow the directions below.

Grab an old tall sock, use one that is pretty close to your own hair color.
Cut the tip of the toe off of the sock.

Now roll the sock until you get a tight round circle and that's it, like I said...super simple!

To make my sock buns I start out with my hair in a high pony.
I put my hair through the sock circle then slide it up to the top of my pony.

I then flip my hair over the sock. Using my hands I smooth out my hair, making sure that none of the sock is showing.
I then take a tight hair band and place it over the sock.

I then like to wrap the extra hair around the hair band and pin it in place.
Or I braid the extra hair, secure the end with a plastic band, then wrap it around the hair band and pin it in place.
Both ways look amazing, sleek and can look pretty!

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