Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun And Easy Easter Basket

My son turns into the Tasmanian Devil when he eats to much candy so you can imagine what our candy filled holidays, Halloween and Easter, are like. We are spending this Easter with my family in Oregon and I have a feeling that Great Grandma's Easter basket is going to spoil my son rotten so I thought it might be a good idea to make our Easter basket a fun, non edible one so I took a quick trip to The Dollar Tree.
The Dollar Tree had a couple aisles full of fun Easter themed gifts like the Easter sticker book, the blue stuffed rabbit, the awesome rabbit sun glasses and the chick book full of shapes.
I also found some great toys in the regular aisles as well. The spinning sound tube (I don't know the proper name for it obviously), the monster truck, Mickey and Minnie puzzle, number flash cards and the Mickey bubbles.
As you can see I did throw in a tiny green Easter Bunny that has some gum balls in it, I thought this might come in handy when we fly home. I give him a small piece of gum to chew on take off and landing to help his ears.
And instead of buying a regular Easter basket that will most likely end up broken or in our garage I decided to buy a canvas bag in my sons favorite color. This is something that he can use over and over again.
So here it is, my fun mostly non edible Easter basket! What will you be putting in your kids Easter Basket this year?!


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