Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Food Tips

Thanksgiving day is probably one of the hardest days to get through if you are on a diet, its almost impossible to not gorge yourself on all the deliciously unhealthy foods unless you have extreme self control which I totally lack! So just like last month with the Halloween candy, I did a lot of research and found the best tips on how to not totally over do it during Thanksgiving day. This is what I found:

Thanksgiving Day Food Tips
*Skipping breakfast and lunch will lead to overeating when you sit down to eat your Thanksgiving dinner.

*Your body isn't meant to handle 2,000 to 3,000 calories all at once and will store the excess calories as fat so try and keep track of the calories you eat for your Thanksgiving dinner.

*Control your portion size. 
 (keep this picture in mind while plating your food)
*When plating your food start with veggies and/or salad then serve yourself some lean protein. The last thing you should put on your plate is the mashed potatoes, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes ect. There shouldn't be that much room left on your plate for these after the vegetables and protein which will help keep the portion size small.

*Ask your family members to go on a walk with you after you all are done with your Thanksgiving dinner. Also plan a workout with a friend for the morning after. Of course being physical and working out will help burn off some of the extra calories you ate during your Thanksgiving day.

*Remember that the pre Thanksgiving dinner finger foods are not calorie free so make smart decisions and try to avoid the ones that are deep fried and the ones made with a lot of mayo or creamy sauces. If your worried their wont be anything healthy to munch on bring a vegetable platter for everyone to enjoy. These are the finger foods I will be here!
(some serving sizes to remember)

This Over That
*White Meat over Dark Meat 
(Dark meat is about twice as fatty as white meat.)

*Homemade Cranberry Sauce over Jellied Cranberry Sauce 
(Homemade has less sugar then canned.)

*Green Bean Casserole over Stuffing 
(Stuffing is just croutons drenched in fat and loaded with sodium and is even worse if its cooked in the turkey.)

*1/2 Cup Mashed Potatoes With 1/4 Cup Turkey Gravy over Candied Sweet Potatoes With Marshmallow Topping
(Sweet potatoes lose their good nutritional facts once they are covered with marshmallows.)

*Dinner Roll With Butter over Cornbread With Butter
(Cornbread is sweeter, saltier and fatter then regular dinner rolls.)

*Pumpkin Pie With Low Fat Whip over Medium Slice Pecan Pie
(The corn syrup in a pecan pie is what makes it so unhealthy. If your looking for a healthier pumpkin pie recipe click here!)

I know that the holidays can be stressful if you are on a diet but don't let the stress ruin your day! Just remember that Thanksgiving is a day to.... enjoy yourself and your loved ones!

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