Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Favorites

October was a fun month! Pumpkin patches, costumes, I started my Thrifted Twin Threads posts, friends, fall, trick-or-treating, parties, Halloween crafts and I said fun! Here are some of my favorite things from October:

Random: I love when the Leafs Change for fall...its my favorite!

TV/Movie: I am totally obsessed with the TV show Sleepy Hollow on Fox!

Style: Fall in Colorado can be pretty brisk and sometimes snowy so my new outfit stable has been Boots! They keep my feet warm, dry and fashionable!

Food: I made something using Pumpkin Puree almost every day of good!

Music: I went to the 30 Seconds To Mars Denver concert in October and the opening band was New Politics who I'm sad to say I had never heard of but now I am in love with their song Harlem.
And of course I love Paramore - Still Into You since they are one of my favorite bands!

October Disappointment: I really dislike the Upgrade for my a lot!

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