Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Hair Guide

I always try and get a bit dressed up for the holidays and actually try to do something with the mop on my head that I like to call my hair. This year I spent a bit of time browsing the Hair & Beauty section of Pinterest for a bit of inspiration. These were a few of my favorites and the how to links!

Up Do's

Pony Tail With A Braid Wrap

Triple Braid Bun

Criss Cross Bun

Side French Braids With A Bun
(how to)

 Curly Pony Tail With Accessory 

Half Up Do's 


Single French Braid


Topsy Tail
  (how to)

Medium Length Hair Do's

Hair Tuck In A Head Band

Curly Hair With Bang Braid

(Special thanks to my bestest friend Erin and her daughter for helping me out with this post! You guys are awesome!)

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