Thursday, November 21, 2013

Estes Park (C.I.C)

One of my all time favorite places to visit in Colorado is Estes Park!
Here is why:

The town of Estes is quaint and cute. The shops are fun to mosey around in and the eateries are delicious. 

 One of my husbands favorite restaurants in Estes is Nepal's which has some pretty tasty Indian food. We always get the buffet when we eat there.
Bob and Tony's and Chicago's Best has some amazing Pizza.
One of the best parts of downtown Estes is that there is a sweets shop on almost every corner, the Caramel Crisp is our favorite. 

The wildlife in Estes is amazing! Every time I have visited I have seen herds of elk and deer which is so awesome to see! My husband has even had a fun little adventure with a black bear.

I am obsessed with the Rocky Mountain National Forest! When my family and friends come out to visit  I make sure that a picnic in the Rocky Mountain National Forest is on our list of things to do!
(This picture was taken at the top of Rainbow Curve)

This month have are having a few cool holiday events which I am so excited to go to this year!
November 23rd - Tree Lighting Ceremony
November 29th - Glow Parade

Estes Park

Also vote for Estes as the Coolest Small Town because it totally is!,15/

But my very favorite thing to do in Estes Park is explore the Stanley Hotel!

The Stanley Hotel is beautiful....and haunted!
(My husband has stories about that as well.)

You can sit on the front patio and take in the amazing view, sit inside by the fire places in the lobby, peek into the other rooms, enjoy the water fall on the back patio, look through the gift shop or explore the basement where the walls are lined with pictures from the movies that were filmed at the hotel. There is also a little cafe that you can hang out in and have a cup of coffee. In the basement is also where you can sign up to go on one of their many tours! The one thing I have not done yet at the Stanley is stay the night, I will day!

  My family and I always end our time in Estes with a drink at the Stanley Hotel's bar! 
Such a great way to end such a fun day!

Stanley Hotel

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