Saturday, August 17, 2013

July Favorites

July was great! My mom came out to visit us which was SO much fun, as usual, and we celebrated a bunch of birthdays...including my husbands! July was definitely a fun filled month! Here are some of my favorites from July.

Random: My husband bought me a new camera and I have been loving it! I take it everywhere with me!

Movie/TV Show: I am obsessed with the new season of True Blood! 

Style: I have been wearing summer dresses as much as I can! It has been so hot here and summer dresses have kept me they are super cute!

Food: I have been drinking iced tea non stop, its so refreshing in the heat!

Music: I love this song so so very much, Tim McGraw ft. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban - Highway Don't Care. I listen to it over and over almost every day, my husband is getting pretty annoyed with me!

My July Disappointment: Pretty much every afternoon in July we had a thunderstorm with rain, wind, lightening, thunder (of course) and some times hail...I'm pretty over it!

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