Thursday, August 8, 2013

Colorado Renaissance Festival (C.I.C)

If you are in Colorado between June 15th and August 4th I would highly recommend going to the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur Colorado. My family and I go every year and we always have such a great time! 

As soon as you pull up the Renaissance Festival spirit sucks you in...

There is so SO much stuff to do inside the Renaissance Festival!

There are tons of stages all over the Festival grounds where multiple acts perform. Our all time favorite show is the Washing Wenches, bottom left picture, they are hilarious!

There is also an arena where you can watch jousting!

You definitely wont go hungry at the Festival because there is food, food and more food everywhere you look!

Don't be discouraged if you have a toddler because there is a lot of things for them to do at the Festival as well! Such as face painting, a ride on America's biggest rocking horse and riding on a camel or a lama. There is also the Children's Realm which has a massive petting zoo, a play place, pony rides and a fun little butterfly marry go round. 
(Fun fact: all the rides at the Renaissance Festival are man powered.)

 There are a lot of fun games for older kids and adults too! My husbands favorite is the Tomato Toss but as the sign says it is an insult game so I wouldn't recommend this game if you get offended by someone making jokes about you!

 Don't skip the royal parade that walks through the festival. With music, a fire breather and an elephant you and the kiddos will really enjoy watching this short parade.

The Renaissance Festival is such a fun experience so if you get the opportunity to go take it! 

For more information about the Colorado Renaissance Festival click the link below!

I hope you enjoyed this

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