Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beat The Heat Braides

As you can probably tell from some of my pictures I have super long, super thick hair which is naturally curly so it takes me forever and a day to style when I want to leave it down. So 95% of the time my hair is pulled back, especially during summer because I get so hot when its 90+ degrees outside and my hair is down. Since my hair is pretty much always up I get so bored with the same ol' bun so I find myself turning to different braided hair styles. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite braid styles with you. Sorry if some of the styles are hard to see due to my dark non highlighted hair! 

I wear the normal side braid a lot, its just so super fast and easy.

I get a lot of fly aways so I like the top french braid bun style when we are going to do something more physical like hiking or swimming. It keeps my hair more secure and in place.

 For a little more fancy look I like to do the braided bun with two small side braids wrapped around the top and bottom of the bun. 
(This is where I got the idea from via Pinterest Lu Lu*s)

I have found myself doing the half french braid more and more since it keeps all my short layers intact and I don't have to fix the braid throughout the day because of run away strands of hair, I find myself redoing the normal side braid quite a bit because of this problem.

This diagonal french braid and bun can be fancy and casual and again it pretty darn easy to do. 
(This is the video I got this style from Carah Amelie)

I only used 3 tools to achieve each of these looks! A brush, small plastic ties and either bobby pins or spin pins!

(If you do not know how to French Braid check out this video)

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