Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Variety Of Thoughtful Valentines

What do you normally do for your loved ones on Valentine's Day? Maybe get them some flowers or chocolates? Candy or balloons? A giant stuffed teddy bear or a card with a cute note inside? All of these are great ideas but they are kind of typical, and now a days they can get pretty dang pricy! So for Valentine's day I like to surprise my loved ones with some fun thoughtful Valentine's. I've been thinking about what to surprise my husband and son with this year and I have come up with a list of ideas, some are super simple and wont cost me anything and others will take a bit of planning and money. If my husband or son were to surprised me with any of these I would be over the moon!

My Variety Of Thoughtful Valentine's:

1. Go on a picnic: Pack up your families favorite lunches and go to the nearest park and lay a blanket down on the grass. If the weather is bad lay a blanket down on your living room floor and have a picnic inside.

2. Make a candy bar card: I did this for my husband's birthday last year, you can see that here, and he loved it! Just make sure you change the word birthday to Valentine's Day.

3. Hidden Notes: Write cute little notes on a couple small pieces of paper like..."I love you" or "Will you be my Valentine?"...and hide them in places that your loved one will find throughout the day. For example if your husband/wife is working tomorrow then after they fall asleep tonight hide a note in his/her coat pocket then hide another in his wallet or her purse and maybe another one in a cup holder in his/her car. Do the same for your children by putting one in their lunch box and in their backpack and maybe in a school book. 

4. Breakfast In Bed: Who doesn't like to wake up to a nice hot home cooked meal served to them while they are still comfortable in bed?! And if you have to get up super early to do it then so be it, Valentine's Day only comes once a year! If you want to get really creative make a Valentine's themed breakfast for your loved ones, this is my Valentine themed breakfast.

5. Mirror Message: Sneak into the bathroom as your loved one is taking a shower and write them a message on the steamed up mirror. Or fog up the bathroom tonight and write the message on the mirror and when they take a shower tomorrow your message will appear. 

6. Make A Sweet Treat: If your loved ones have a sweet tooth then bake them something! I made these for my family. 

7. Order Take Out: If both of you have to work tomorrow and you cant meet up for lunch then find out what time he/she is taking their lunch and call their favorite restaurant, some where that delivers of course, and have their favorite dish delivered to their work right before they are about to go to lunch.

8. Surprise Meal: Again if both of you work tomorrow find out what time he/she is taking their lunch and show up at their place of work just before they go on lunch. If they normally eat at work then pick up a fast meal on your way over. If they normally leave for lunch then take them out to a nice restaurant. (If you don't work tomorrow but your loved one does make them their favorite meal and bring it to them at work.)

9. Scavenger Hunt. Make up a candy scavenger hunt around the house. Tape a note written to your loved one on the front door giving them their first clue. I'm sure your kids will have a blast doing this!

10. Favorite Dinner: Set your dinning room table, light some candles and surprise your family with their favorite meals. 

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