Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Day Stair Workout

Winter here in Colorado is cold and snowy which I absolutely love but as soon as I see the snow flakes falling I become the biggest home body which means no jogging and no gym for me, so I work out here at the house. I posted a previous blog where I shared a few of my favorite at home workouts, you can see that post here, but my stair workout routine is becoming my favorite!

First things first I jog up and down the stairs for about 10 minutes to start my cardio and get my heart rate up.

Jumping Jacks, Run, Jumping Jacks, Run
I do 5 jumping jacks at the bottom of the stairs then run up the stairs to the landing where I do 5 more jumping jacks then I run back down. I do this 5 times which equals out to 50 jumping jacks. 

The 10 minutes of jogging with the 50 jumping jacks and the running up and down in between is my cardio and I now move onto toning.

Calf Raises 
I start my toning with 10-12 calf raises...

...then I move onto 10-12 dips...

Knee Ups
...then 10-12 knee lifts...

Incline Push Ups
...10-12 push ups...

Reverse Leg Kick
...10-12 reverse leg kicks...

Leg Lifts
...10-12 leg lifts...

Jump Ups
...and 10-12 jump ups to finish my first toning set! 
I now start all over again with the calf raises, I do the whole toning routine a total of 3 times.

I love doing this whole routine and I love that I don't need to leave the house to get a full body workout!

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