Saturday, December 7, 2013

November Favorites

November was busy! I helped a lot of my friends get their houses cleaned, decorated and ready for the holidays. When I wasn't cleaning, my son and I took a lot of adventures around Colorado to see all the fall colors, have some fun and get some fresh air! Then my son got we spent a bit of our November curled up in bed watching cartoons! But here are some of my favorite things from November:
Random: My amazing friend Erin totally shocked me with a Surprise Party! My husband and I were common law married for 4 years and at the end of October we finally made it totally official and got married at the court house so she threw us a surprise party to celebrate.  
We love you Erin! Your the bestest!

TV/Movie: I rented White House Down from Redbox and now I am obsessed. As soon as I have a bit of extra cash I am going to buy it so I can stop renting it from Redbox!

Style: I have fallen in love with doing my Thrifted Twin Threads posts. I love finding an outfit online, duplicating it, then getting to wear it.

Food: The end of November was full of Turkey Recipes since we had a bit left over from Thanksgiving.

Music: My husband and I can't stop listening to this song, Passenger - Let Her Go, but the one we listen to is a cover by Jasmine Thompson.

I have also been listening to Ariana Grande - The Way ft. Mac Miller a lot. So cute!  
P.S. When I first heard the song I totally thought it was Maria Carey.

Need To Know: My dad told me about a band from Spain called MetroPol and sent me the link to their song My Own Gravity. This band is great so please take a listen and tell your friends! 
Where to find them:  

November Disappointment: My husband was in an accident at work at the beginning of October and is now dealing with massive head aches and dizziness and all of his doctors say its from a severe concussion which you cant do anything about! We just have to wait it out which is getting a bit frustrating!

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