Sunday, December 1, 2013

Creative Christmas Advent Calendar

My son now understands the holidays and gets very excited as soon as he figures out one is coming. The only problem is no matter how many times I show him what day the holiday is on the calendar every morning he will ask me is "Mommy is today Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas ect?" So instead of telling him "no not yet" every day this month, December, I planned ahead and made him a Christmas advent calendar. I know that you can buy them super cheap from the stores but the last thing my son needs is chocolate! So since today is December 1st I wanted to share the quick, easy, low cost, creative Christmas advent calendar that I made for my son.

 What I Used:
Cotton Balls
Glue Stick
Construction Paper
White Out Marker 
White Poster Board 
(I used the back side of the poster board from my Pin The Gobbler Game)

 I drew a Christmas tree then colored it in. I then wrote 1-23 on the tree and 24 above the tree. I glued cotton balls on the bottom of the poster board under the tree to make snow. 
(This is where the white out marker comes into play if you would like. Use it to go over the numbers on the tree to make them stand out.)

Using the construction paper I cut out 23 round red circles and a yellow star.

Every day of December my son will have to find the date on the calendar and place a red "bulb" over that date. On Christmas Eve, the 24th, he will be able to put the star on the top of the tree. My son loves this calendar and was so excited to get started!

Here is what our finished tree looked like:

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