Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Years Loves

Happy 2013! 
Yesterday I was thinking about what I hope the new year, adventures, friends, health, new little family members, fun times, maybe some good luck. Then I started reflecting on last year...all the fun times we have had with our families, all my home town friends visiting me, all the holidays, the hard times we stumbled on, new friends that have become some of our best friends, everything I discovered and fell in love with and everything I rediscovered and fell back in love with.

My 2012 Rediscovered Loves:

In 2012 I really fell in love with cooking, its something that makes me very happy, and I feel back in love with my crock pot (I use it at least twice a week.) In 2012 I became a lot closer to all of our family members and being around them truly brings me so much joy. In 2012 I rediscovered my love for Country Music, my iPod is now full of new and old country songs (sorry Dad.) In 2012 I became obsessed with Goodwill! I hadn't been second hand shopping for years but one trip at the beginning of 2012 totally changed my life, Goodwill is now the first place I go when I feel like shopping. 

My 2012 New Discovered Loves:

In 2012 my dad and brother introduced me to NBC's Grimm, I never miss an episode and I made a themed dinner for the Fall Finally of the show which you can find here. In 2012 a friend introduced me to Zumba and I was immediately hooked, I purchased Zumba for the Wii and get down and sweaty at least 4 times a week now. In 2012 I was given an iPad 2 and it has been attached to my hip ever since. My favorite movie in 2012 was This Means War, my husband and I watch it every time its on TV. (Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 was also a favorite but I have liked the Twilight Series since I saw Twilight for the first time 3 years ago so I didn't count it as a 2012 discovery.)

In 2012 I discovered this song by Landon Austin via Pixi2woo's YouTube channel, LoVe it!

And of course in 2012 I started this blog! I have been loving blogging and sharing everything in my life that I find fun, beautiful, yummy and exciting and I hope you are loving what I have to share.

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