Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chic Camera Strap

I have started to get back into photography so lately I have been taking my nice big camera with me wherever I go. The first time I took it to the zoo with us I was using the wrist band that came with it so of course I had it hanging around my wrist but my son kept pulling on it and it kept bumping into things, it was more annoying then it was convenient. But when I saw a man with his camera hanging around his neck with his nifty gigantic camera strap I got a great idea, as soon as we got home I grabbed some supplies and got to work on making a chic camera strap.

 Supplies: An old long chain necklace, two small key rings and of course your camera.

 Cut the necklace chain so you have two ends then attach the two small key rings to each end of the chain.

 Then attach the key rings to your camera, you now have yourself a chic camera strap.

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