Friday, January 4, 2013

Cool Kids Scarf

My son loves the snow and when we finally got our first snow storm he had to go out and play in it asap. So I busted out his snow clothes and by the time I was done with him he looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story (minus the scarf.) I got all decked out my snow clothes (plus a scarf) and we headed outside. Right in the middle of us making snow angles my son stopped me, told me "up mommy," then unwrapped my scarf from around my neck and put it around his....light bulb....I need to make him a scarf!

 Supplies: A fleece scarf (fleece wont fray so I didn't have to worry about sewing anything), scissors, box cutter and some iron on patches.

 I put the scarf around my sons neck and figured out how long the scarf should be. I used two pins to mark where I needed to cut both ends of the scarf to make it kid length. I then used the scissors to cut both the ends of the scarf off beneath the pins.

 I put the scarf back around my sons neck and figured out where I should cut the hole and marked that with a pin. I then placed the scarf on a cutting board and with the box cutter I sliced a hole in the scarf where I had placed the pin. The hole is to loop the other end of the scarf through so the scarf will stay on a busy kid like my son.

Last but no least I ironed on one of the patches where I thought it looked best. I had put the scarf back on my son and pulled the end through the hole to see where corner would be facing out then placed the patch on that corner. 
(I did end up sewing each end of the patch onto the scarf because it just didn't want to stay on.)

My son loves having a scarf of his own, every time he sees it hanging behind his door he tells me "mommy on." And I love the fact that it is another thing to keep him warm during the cold winter days.

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