Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ready To Get Re-motivated!

Being sick is absolutely no fun and if your like me it messes up your whole routine. Since I have been sick I have not worked out once and I haven't stuck to my diet what so ever. I didn't have the strength or energy to cook any of our meals. Plus fruits, vegetables and proteins just didn't sound appealing at the time. But now that I am feeling better I really need to get re-motivated to get back at it. For this Weight Loss Wednesday I wanted to share the ways I re-motivate myself to start back up on my diet and working out.

The first thing I do is weigh myself! Unfortunately I gained back about 3 pounds while I was sick because I was not following the diet plan I have made for myself.

Seeing my weight gain on the scale really starts to get me motivated but for an extra kick I look at old photos of myself when I was way over weight. I never want to get back to this and seeing how bad I looked gets me even more motivated.

Getting some new fitness magazines helps me out a lot. I like discovering the new fitness and diet tips they have and reading about other peoples fitness struggles and triumphs gets me pumped up and ready to go.

When I do start to workout again I don't go all out. I start small and work my way back up to where I used to be. I like to either do a short Zumba workout or take one of our dogs for a walk. Just being physical again starts to get me back into the groove.

Since I am out of the habit of cooking meals and feeling pretty lazy I will write out a dinner menu for the whole week. Knowing what I am going to make every night erases the stress of dinner time, I have found that when I get stressed about what to make for dinner I end up popping something in the microwave or just running out to the nearest fast food restaurant which is no good.

Another thing that really gets me re-motivated is finding a fitness friend. A couple of my best friends are also working hard on their health by working out and dieting. So getting back into my routine is easier when I have them by my side, doing this together really pushes us and keeps us going. 

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