Saturday, September 22, 2012

Light Box

I am throwing my best friend a baby shower next month and I have been hand making all the decorations and since I need multiple decorations that look the same I have been tracing a lot of things. But I ran into a problem the other night. I was making Drink Me tags to hang off liter soda bottles, the shower is Alice In Wonderland themed, and the paper I was using was to thick to see through when I tried to trace my design. So I made myself a light box using a beer box that was about to be recycled, glass from a 8x10 frame, Duct Tape and a flash light. It worked so well and made making the tags a breeze! Here is what I did:

I cut off the flaps on the top of the box then I put Duct Tape over the handles in the side of the box. I then traced around the glass on the bottom of the box and used a box cutter to cut a square smaller then the square I traced. I cut slits for the corners of the glass to stick into so the glass wouldn't slide when I was drawing on top of it.

I then put my flash light under the box and turned it on. It was amazing and now I have an easy way to trace things in the future!

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