Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Bright Bath Time Idea

I have been seeing posts of people putting glow sticks in their bath tubs for their kids all over the internet and I thought it was a bright idea (haha). My son has been having a blast with them and loves bath time now, he runs to the bathroom and starts the water whenever I ask him if he wants to go play with the glow sticks. It has also become an educational tool for us, it has been a great way to teach my son colors. His baths have become calmer since he is pretty much taking a bath in the dark, he is pretty relaxed when he gets out which is a great change for the both of us. After I drain the water I gather up all the sticks and put them on his dresser, they make an amazing night light! Who knew there were so many ways to use glow sticks!

I buy our glow sticks from the Dollar Tree where they sell a 15 pack for...you guessed it...$1

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