Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cold Brewed Coffee

I am sure I have said this before in one of my previous blogs but I am obsessed with coffee! Its pretty much the first thing I think of in the morning, some times I drink it throughout the day and I get excited when I'm in bed just knowing that when I wake up my coffee will be hot and ready for me....obsessed. But I must admit sometimes hot coffee on a hot day just isn't that appealing so on those days I like to have a nice cup of cold brewed coffee!

Ingredients needed...
1/3 cup Ground Coffee
1 1/2 cups Cold Water
Large Jar
Coffee Filter

I pour the coffee into the jar...

...then I add the water into the jar over the coffee and stir the water and the coffee together really well.
I then tightly screw on the top of the jar and let it sit on my counter for about 8 hours.
(I let it sit over night so when I get up I can finish the process so its cold and ready when I'm in need an afternoon pick me up.)

 After the coffee has sat out for the 8 hours I put the strainer over a large glass bowl then place a coffee filter in the strainer.

I then pour the coffee, grounds and all, into the coffee filter...

 ...and let the coffee strain through into the bowl.

After all the coffee is strained I pour it back into the jar, which I cleaned out while I was waiting on the coffee to strain. I then place the jar in the fridge and that is where it stays until I feel like a nice cold cup of coffee.

This coffee is really delicious and is pretty strong which is exactly what I am needing when I hit the wall in the middle of the day.

Tip: I like to make coffee ice cubes through out the week using left over morning coffee so when I have a cup of cold coffee I can pour it over the coffee ice cubes. This way when the cubes melt it just adds more coffee to my cup unlike regular ice cubes which end up watering it down.

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