Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Favorites

July was a fun busy month! Is it just me or does it seem like everyone was born in July? I had a bunch of friends, a few cousin, my brother and my husband all turn a year older last month! Anyways, here are some of my favorite things from July...

Random: One of my very favorite things from July was the 80's Themed Party that I threw for my husbands birthday! It was totally tubular!

TV/Movie: A bunch of shows on TNT Drama have caught my interest and its the channel we have been watching the most lately....The Last Ship, Cold Justice, Murder In The First and soon Legends. 

Style/Beauty: I bought my son some Firefly Light Up Timer Toothbrushes from our local grocery store and him and I both love them. I like them because when you push the bottom of them a little light starts to blink and it blinks for 1 minute which means that it is time to move to the top or bottom row of his teeth, this makes it really easy for him to know how long he should be brushing all of his teeth. Of course my son likes it because its a blinking light that makes the bathroom look really cool when its dark...whatever works! 

Food: We have been meeting up with my father-in-law most Saturdays for breakfast at Daylight Donuts, its our newest tradition that the whole family is loving. The food is good, I normally get the two eggs scrambled with wheat toast and some potatoes, the coffee is hot and the price is affordable. Love it!

Music: I absolutely love this song Stay With Me and I absolutely love Sam Smith's voice...amazing.

The other song Ive been loving is Tyler Farr's Whiskey In My Water, we get to see him in September along with Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean....cant wait!

July Disappointment: July was a month that my hubs saw some pretty Awful Wrecks. He has seen a lot being a truck driver for so long but this last month was especially bad, he actually saw someone that was deceased laying in the road after rolling his car. Now that its summer and the weather is hot, there are a lot more people and animals on the roads so please be careful out there!

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