Monday, September 30, 2013

Fit For Fall Calendar

(So I know that today is Monday not Wednesday but since Wednesday is the second of October and the workouts on this calender start on the first I wanted to post it early. So lets just pretend that today is Wednesday!)

Even though I ate pretty well and worked out on my September "vacation" in Oregon all of Grandma's goodies, dinner out with friends and beers on football Sunday caught up to me and I gained about 5 pounds. So to get back on track and feel my best in my favorite fall outfits I came up with my own little workout route for the month of October, I am calling it my Fit For Fall Calender. This is the routine I will do every day after my cardio workout. For this weeks Weight Loss Wednesday I am sharing my calender with you so if you would like you can follow it along with me!

Side Plank (Easy, Medium, Hard)
"Crunch"                                  Wall Sit
Push Up (Hard, Medium)
Walking Lunge

On top of my regular cardio workouts and my Fit For Fall October Calendar I will also get back on my regular diet and watch what I eat (of course.) Here are a few of my favorite websites where I get most of my healthy recipes from:
and of course there is my healthy recipe posts which you can find here: MommyMiaa

Keep in mind that the key to losing weight and getting fit is....

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