Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Favorites

September was a bitter sweet month. I pretty much got to spend all of September in Oregon with my family which was beyond fun and amazing but I was sad to leave! I am already missing my family so much! But I did discover a bunch of new things that I am loving, so here are a few of my favorites from September:

Random: I am having a lot of fun this year with my Fantasy Football League which started in September!

TV/Movie: My dad introduced me to The Bridge in September and now I am totally hooked!

Style: I have been obsessed with Leggings! They were a blessing on my long road trips and I wore them a lot while in Oregon, they are just so comfortable, so cute and so easy!

Food: While in Oregon my brother introduced me to cooking with Greek Yogurt and now I use it a lot in my recipes!

Music: I listened to Ginny Blackmore - Bones...
...and Anna Kendrick - Cups non stop all month!

My September Disappointment: Like I said I was sad to leave Oregon and I am sad that Colorado and Oregon are so far apart! I wish that they were closer so I could drive out to see my family whenever I felt like it!

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