Monday, April 15, 2013

What To Pack For A Day At The Track!

I'm a bit sun burned, totally covered in dirt and my ears are ringing from the buzz of ALL the motocross bikes......race season has officially started! 

My brother-in-law and nephew race motocross and we love going to their races almost every week to cheer them on. But sitting out in the sun all day, getting blasted with dirt and having to use a lovely porta potty when nature calls takes some preparation. After years of going to the track I have come up with my own motocross survival kit filled with MUST have items!

1. Sunscreen is a definite MUST! I cover my whole body before we leave and I reapply all day long and I still get kinda pink. You are in the sun 99% of the time so you have to protect yourself!

2. Garbage bags. They have garbage cans around the pits but they get so full and most of the time they are a ways away from where we are so its just easier to bring a garbage bag to throw all our trash away in.

3. Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizers are also a MUST! You have to use a nasty dirty porta potty that hundreds of others are also using all day, plus you are surrounded by nothing but dirt. Needless to say your hands get uber dirty and there is no where to wash them so Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizers will be your best friends on race days.

4. Water is a MUST! Its easy to get dehydrated when we are out walking around in the heat all day so we like to bring a pack of water to keep us hydrated. Plus when your hanging out in 100+ degree weather a cold bottle of water poured over your head feels fantastic. 

5. Toilet Paper. Like I said hundreds of others are using the porta potties so the toilet paper rolls that they supply run out fast and most of the time no one is there to refill them so bringing your own roll is just the smart thing to do!

6. Chairs. There are so many races and our racers don't race them all so we spend a lot of time hanging out in the pit area. To make our pit time more enjoyable, and to give our legs a break, we bring some fold up chairs to relax in. 

7. Reading Material. There is a lot of down time between the races that our racers race so having something to do, like read, really helps pass the time.

8. Cash is a MUST! You need cash to pay to get in and you need cash to pay for the concessions.

9. Camera. Its always fun to snap away as the racers zoom by or fly high over a jump....memories!

10. Cooler. The night before a race I make my family lunches so we don't have to buy food from the concessions since its always pretty over priced. And to keep our food and drinks cold at the track we keep it all in our cooler which is packed full of ice.

11. Snacks. I always pack us a bunch of different snacks because we all get munchy through out the day.

12. Toys. Just like I bring reading material for myself to pass the down time I bring my son toys to play with in the dirt.

13. Umbrella. It is great to have some sort of shade when the sun is beating down on you. Also my brother-in-law has a pop up tent that he brings to most races to give us a place to hide from the sun when we are hanging out at the pit.

14. Sunglasses are a MUST! I don't think I have to explain this one!

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