Monday, April 1, 2013

March Favorites

March was a much better month for my family and I! We celebrated our sons birthday, we went on a trip, I met my new too cute nephew, I got to visit with my family and no one was sick! It was a busy busy month for us but it was fun and exciting. Here is some of my favorite things from March:

Random: I have been obsessed with my Jigsaw Puzzle App! My brother and I have been having jigsaw puzzle competitions to see who is faster.....I am!

Movie/TV Show: I have always been a huge fan of The Wizard Of Oz so I was so SO excited when I saw the previews for Oz The Great And Powerful and of course I loved it! 

Style: I used to never wear skinny jeans, I thought that they looked weird on me, but this winter they are all I wore. March was actually our snowiest month, we had about 4 blizzards, so skinny jeans with boots was a must for me since I hate when the bottom of my pants get cold and wet....problem solved!

Food: I have been making shredded chicken almost every night! Its so good and so easy, I put a couple frozen chicken breasts in my crock pot along with 1 cup fat free low sodium chicken broth and water to cover the breasts then let them cook for 6 hours. I put it on salads, in burritos or just on a plate with a drizzle of BBQ sauce or wing sauce.....yum yum yum!

Music: If this song, Mumford And Sons - I Will Wait, wasn't playing on my iPod then it was playing in my head!

My March Disappointment: We lost our family Easter Candy Hunt to my Mother-In-Law once again!  
Her - 4     Us - Zip
Man we are terrible at this game!

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