Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fix The Skip

My family loves to watch movies and we have literally worn some DVDs out. Most of our favorites skip like crazy and me being the cheap-o that I am do not want to go out and re purchase them. So I did a little research and to my surprise the answer to my problem was right under my polish. So I stole one of my husbands old soft undershirts and got to work. I sprayed about a quarter size circle of polish on a small part of the shirt then wiped it all over one of the scratched DVDs, wiping up and down NOT in a circle. I then buffed the polish in until the DVD was nice and shinny and that was that. I was amazed when most of the movies played without skipping but the DVDs that were beat up the most still skipped a bit so I buffed a second coat of the furniture polish on them and now all our DVDs are skip free. So instead of running out to replace your favorite DVDs that is no longer cooperating with your DVD player try a little furniture polish on it first, it could save you some money!

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