Thursday, July 19, 2012

Puppy Play Time

We have three crazy dogs that like to chew on pretty much everything! To try and keep them from chewing on things they aren't allowed to chew on I would buy them each a rope chew toy but after a couple days of them chewing on them there would be annoying little pieces of string all over our carpets. So now I make them chew toys out of our old shirts that are either stained and ripped and are about to be thrown out. Here is how I do it.
All you need is a couple old T-shirts and some scissors. I chose 4 different color shirts, I used white in each toy then one color for each dog

Using the back of the shirt I cut 4 long strips out of the colored shirts and 6 out of the white shirt

All the strips I cut out

I doubled up each strip to make the strips thicker then tied them together with a big tight knot

Then I tightly braided the strips together and knotted the end with another tight knot

Our dogs love them!


  1. Love it, looks sturdy and harder for the dogs to shred, no strings for them to get sick on

  2. USE 100% cotton for digestibility.